Therapy For Families In Special Situations

Every therapist at ICFT has an advanced degree in family therapy and is specifically trained to work with families in special situations. Every therapist at ICFT is licensed by the State of Ohio to provide therapy to families. Contact us to discuss your situation and allow us to begin developing a plan that is tailored to your family needs.

These are some situations in which ICFT often provides family therapy:

  • Blended Family Struggles
  • Extended Family Struggles
  • Nontraditional Family Struggles
  • Multiracial Families
  • Adoption Transitions
  • Adult Children with Aging Parents
  • Family Business Issues
  • Families Experiencing a Tragedy
  • Families Preparing for the Death of a Love One
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • Families coping with physical illness and addiction
  • Myriad of challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic


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