Therapy For High Profile Clients

ICFT strictly adheres to all state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality for ALL clients. We consider our client’s trust to be essential to our practice.

However, for some clients, even bumping into an acquaintance in the waiting room might have negative consequences for their career, political aspirations, or social standing. We respect the decision to seek therapy from highly qualified therapists, so ICFT will work with you to ensure that you can achieve your therapy goals while maintaining your privacy.

For those who need additional privacy, ICFT offers several services including special scheduling accommodations and therapy at alternative locations. These services are offered for an additional fee.

Some factors that may increase the need for seeking these services for you or a loved one:

  • Being easily recognizable
  • Being a Business Owner, Executive, or Clergy
  • Being a Medical or Mental Health Professional
  • Being an Educator
  • Being a Public Official or Law Enforcement Personnel

If worries about privacy have kept you from seeking therapy for you or a loved one, please contact ICFT to inquire about these services.  


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