About Simple Practice

About Simple Practice

ICFT uses an electronic medical record system called Simple Practice. Simple Practice is your virtual file and also our virtual office. Its where you will fill out new client documents, receive resources from us, and have your appointments. Here is how you will interact with our system:

New Clients

New clients will receive an email with a link to their new Client Portal. No need to create a login, you will receive a unique link to your specific portal! Fill out the required paperwork here and it will be automatically sent to your file in our system.


Appointment Reminders and Links

Our system will automatically send out appointment reminders 2 days prior to your appointment and then again on the same day as the appointment. If it is a virtual telehealth session, you will also receive a link to that session in those emails as well!


Accessing your Virtual Telehealth Session

You can easily access your virtual telehealth session by clicking on the link provided for you in the email. If you are on your computer, it will open a new browser tab and your session will begin there. If you are on your phone, it will prompt you to download a safe and secure app first, and then you will click on the link in the email again and it will open up your video session.