Clergy & Executive Consulting

The therapists at ICFT have many years of experience working with clergy and C-Suite executives. Our expertise in systems theory coupled with our ability to diagnose and treat mental/emotional disorders makes us a unique asset to clergy and C-Suite executives. Where can a clergy person safely process a desire to transition or the people currently “driving them crazy?” Where can a CEO or a COO discuss a potentially significant change in company direction that will have implications for many employees?

We offer a safe place to address these often sticky situations that occur in ministry and in the business world. Sometimes, clergy or executives come to our office to discuss the latest situation.  In other situations, we may attend board meetings or sit in on key staffing interviews. Clergy and executives have found ICFT's therapists to be sensitive to their situations and insightful as they participate in discussions of potential solutions. Please contact ICFT with questions regarding these consulting services.


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