Co-Parenting Counseling

Sometimes parents may not live together, but still choose to cooperate with each other to parent in ways that are best for their children.

Parents in these situations are typically asking questions such as: "How should we talk to our children about our situation?",  or "Will our children be damaged by changes in our family structure?" We are specifically trained to help families through the challenging journey of raising children in separate households.

We provide parents with a program designed to address the following topics: 

  • Reducing conflict  between parents
  • Learning the importance of all parents' involvement with your children
  • Following a set of established rules which allow children to love all parents
  • Creating multiple and stable homes for children
  • Learning ways to promote ongoing positive interactions between you and your children

In addition, we will work with you to assess how your children are coping. Sometimes a child can have trouble adjusting to a new situation and can experience symptoms of anxiety, behavioral problems, academic struggles, anger/irritability, and/or sadness/depression. The first course of action is typically to work with you to help you address your child’s struggles.


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