Extended Sessions or Intensive Therapy


2-8 hours of therapy can be scheduled any day of the week depending on therapist availability. This is very convenient for clients with limited availability, traveling a distance, working through a crisis, seeking a second opinion, or just wanting to jumpstart their treatment. 



For couples, individuals, children, adolescents, and young adults.

Intensive Therapy is a short-term therapeutic intervention that typically takes place for multiple hours in one day or several hours each week. This can be very convenient for clients:

  • With limited availability
  • Traveling a distance
  • Wanting to jump-start their treatment
  • Working through a crisis

Intensive Therapy begins with an assessment to develop a treatment plan to specifically address the needs of each situation. During the assessment, the therapist will determine if intensive therapy is an appropriate option. If you are interested in Intensive Therapy, the first step is to contact ICFT to schedule an initial assessment session.

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