Where clients come for effective, solution-focused, systemic treatment for the emotional and relational struggles in life. This is what sets our practice apart!


Every therapist at ICFT has an advanced degree in Couple's Therapy and is specifically trained to do "Couple's Work." We offer various couples' counseling services based on the state of your relationship and your needs.

Family Therapy - Helping You Face Your Unique Family Challenges

Beyond the day-to-day challenges of being a healthy family, many families face specific, unique circumstances. Click the link below to learn more about some of the situations the therapists at ICFT are trained to handle.

College Students & Young Adults

We help college students and young adults learn new approaches to managing their emotions, improving their relationships, and changing their behaviors in order to become successful young people.


Our therapy with individuals, from Young Adults to Seniors, is aimed at helping you find solutions to your current struggles in a timely manner.

Children & Adolescents

The children and adolescents in therapy at ICFT have loving parents like you, eager to help them succeed. As a parent, if you are frustrated, disappointed, or worried, it is probably a good time to reach out and speak with one of our therapists

Other Services

Learn more about all of the counseling services our team offers.


ICFT is conveniently located in Dublin, a suburb of Columbus (just minutes from I-270) yet in a quiet, private office space. Visit the Contact ICFT section to call or email ICFT.

While located in Dublin, OH, ICFT serves people from throughout the state of Ohio. Some clients travel much further for extended sessions or for a second opinion.

In addition to our in person services, teletherapy appointments are an option for anyone living in the State of Ohio. Even if you live near the Columbus area, teletherapy might make sense for you by reducing the time and logistics required for meeting at the office. Click here to learn more on what to expect from this virtual option.


The therapists at ICFT help people learn new skills to address their current struggles. All of our therapists have more than 15 years of experience in clinical practice.

Call, text, or email us today to get scheduled with one of our licensed therapists! We can be reached at 614-389-0747 and . If you leave your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you, our Admin Staff will give you a call back to answer any of your questions and get you scheduled.