Telehealth Benefits

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy


Having trouble deciding if video telehealth sessions are right for you? Here at ICFT, we love these virtual appointments because of all the benefits they offer to our clients. Read below to see how virtual sessions can make therapy more accessible for you.

  • Time Saver: A physical therapy session costs more time than just the 50 minutes you are inside of the room. The time it takes to leave work or find a babysitter, drive across town, and sit in a waiting room is often hard to fit into our busy clients’ schedules. With virtual telehealth sessions, there is no commute or reason to leave the house, you can conduct your sessions from anywhere you are!
  • Privacy: This town can seem quite large, but there are certain times when it couldn’t be smaller. Walking into a waiting room with someone you know from school or work sitting there can be a bit jarring. Though there should be no stigma to attending therapy sessions, the anxiety of seeing those you know may be on your mind. With virtual telehealth sessions, there is no awkward waiting room small talk and no accidental meetings!
  • Safety: With unpredictable weather that Ohio throws at us, it can often seem daunting to hit the road in intense rain or 4 inches of snow! With virtual sessions, there is no reason to take on the weather outside to get your therapy. Virtual sessions also protect both the client and the therapist from transmitting illnesses to one another or to other clients via the waiting room!

Accessibility:  There are many reasons that finding a local therapist to visit in person can be a challenge. Perhaps you live in a more rural area with not a lot of therapists nearby. Or you’re a college kid and don’t know the resources in your area. Perhaps you are disabled and leaving the house is not an easy option. With virtual telehealth sessions none of these things are barriers. See your therapist from 5 miles away or 50 miles away! You can see them on your phone or laptop, whatever is the most convenient way for you!