Therapy for Couples - When Both People are Leaning In

When Both Are Leaning In

Every therapist at ICFT has at least a Master’s Degree in Couples Therapy and is specifically trained to do “Couple’s Work”. Our approach involves assessing the current state of your relationship, including the strengths and struggles, as we work with you to gain more satisfying communication, intimacy, and partnership.

Couples often call because they are struggling with:

  • Communication
  • Recovery from affairs
  • Parenting and step-parenting issues
  • Balancing work and home life
  • Anger and excessive arguing
  • Negotiating roles & boundaries
  • Getting along with in-laws/extended family
  • Substance use
  • Managing stress/worries
  • Sexual intimacy problems
  • Emotional intimacy problems
  • Aging parents
  • Power struggles
  • Money-rooted marital conflict

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