Therapy For Individuals

Individual therapy at ICFT (serving Young Adults to Seniors) is aimed at helping you find solutions to your struggles in a timely manner.

  • See specific section for therapy with Young Adults

Individual clients at ICFT have made the courageous decision to admit they need some help. Nothing is more frustrating than trying really hard and still feeling like the particular problem is not getting better. ICFT helps clients learn new approaches to managing their emotions, improving their relationships, changing their behaviors, and advancing in their careers. At ICFT your concerns will be handled with a compassionate, non-blaming approach. Your therapy will focus on solutions and attempts to bring about short-term relief as well as long-term change. Clients consistently report that therapy with ICFT not only helped them with the struggle they presented, but that in addressing that particular struggle, they also gained insight that helped them in other areas of their lives.


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