Therapy for Young Adults

"Adulting is Hard"

We have all heard the expression, “Failure to Launch.” At ICFT, we know that parents of young adults have done their best. We know that even though it may seem like their young adult is a failure, that is not the whole picture. Most young adults find the transition to independence difficult at times. It is not easy to become an adult. The adjustment to managing academics, relationships, work, and making more independent life choices can be overwhelming. Young adults and their parents typically desire the same outcome: for the young adult to be healthy physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Both want the young adult to be on the way to a successful career path. Working with a therapist at ICFT can help in this 'adulting' process.

We help parents put aside their regrets.  We help them stop blaming themselves, their co-parent, and their young adult. From here they can see more clearly the ways the young adult is actually doing well. Once everyone has a more accurate picture of the ways the young adult is succeeding, then we can begin to address the areas in need of some improvement.

Parental Involvement: As much as it is clinically appropriate, we want parents to be involved in their young adults’ therapy. We will work with you to determine the best way to do this. If you would like to learn new ways of helping your young adult and you want to contribute towards their success, seeking therapy from ICFT might make sense for you.

Each therapist at ICFT is specifically trained to help young adults, and their parents navigate this challenging phase of life. Every therapist at ICFT is licensed by the State of Ohio to assess, diagnose, and provide therapy to young adults and their families.

If you or your college student are overwhelmed, disappointed, or worried, it is probably a good time to speak with an expert.

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