Cost Concerns

If cost is a concern, please contact ICFT to discuss potential options including:

Perhaps, you or your loved one will not need to be seen as often as you are expecting. Typically, sessions are more frequent during the assessment and stabilization phase, but then the frequency is reduced. Remember, when everyone in the system is working toward a solution, treatment at ICFT can end up being very cost effective!

Perhaps, there is something else about insurance coding and reimbursement that you could try. Over the years, ICFT has learned a lot from our clients about this process. Please call to discuss your concerns about insurance reimbursement.

Perhaps, using your health savings account would be an option for you or claiming these medical expenses on your tax return would help.

Perhaps, you would want to seek therapy from another independently licensed marriage and family therapist that is in your insurance network. Contact ICFT to get the names of other qualified therapists.

Perhaps a systemic perspective is not critical to the treatment of the situation you are presenting. ICFT has a deep appreciation for the work of psychologists, professional clinical counselors, and independently licensed social workers. Maybe another professional in your insurance network would be fine for your current situation.

Perhaps, you would be willing to be seen at the OSU Couple and Family Therapy Clinic. This clinic is staffed by PhD students, but supervised by therapists with equal experience as those at ICFT. The OSU clinic operates on a sliding scale.

Perhaps you could see if a therapist in your area, and possibly at ICFT, has openings at Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

Please contact us to ask more about these options.