Advantages of Choosing an Out of Network Therapist


Cost is not the only factor to consider when seeking therapy for you or your loved one! Even if it is a bit more expensive to see an “out of network” therapist, there still may be several compelling reasons to do so.

Selecting an "out of network" provider allows you:

1. To have a therapist with the expertise and therapeutic approach you prefer.

If the therapist is an expert in providing treatment for your specific situation, this can save an enormous amount of time, energy, frustration, and money over the long run. Each ICFT therapist has extensive education, training, and experience. Each therapist holds the highest license level in the state of Ohio to diagnose and treat children, adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples, and families. 

Parents come to ICFT because they know that ICFT will work with their child within the context of the family. This means parents are well-informed about their child's treatment and families seek ICFT out because the therapists at ICFT are systemic experts and apply that systemic perspective in treating couples and families. This is something unique to choosing a Marriage & Family Therapist.

The therapists at ICFT know that one treatment approach will not help everyone.  They customize treatment for each situation; taking into consideration an individual’s strengths and struggles, lifestyle, home, work, and school demands.

2. To protect mental health information about you or your loved one.

In order for a therapist to be reimbursed by an insurance company and be “in-network”, the therapist enters into a business relationship with the insurance company. Insurance plans then require the therapist to complete a treatment plan for each client which could include any of the following: listing multiple diagnoses, describing the presenting problem, listing current symptoms, etc. The insurance company can review all records at their discretion.

As “out of network” providers, ICFT provides a receipt with only one diagnosis code. ICFT is under no obligation to reveal the details of your situation to insurance companies. Even if you choose to submit your receipts, because ICFT is out of network, the insurance company is only getting that one diagnosis code. This gives you more control over the mental health record for you and your loved one. 

3. To work with a therapist that was recommended by someone you trust.

Many clients are referred to ICFT by their physicians, friends, clergy members, and/ or school personnel. When someone you trust recommends an “out of network” therapist, you can relax knowing that the quality of your treatment will be what you need. There is a confidence that comes from seeing a recommended provider, rather than simply choosing a therapist off of a list of possible providers in your network.

4. To have a therapist who is sensitive to you, your values, and your beliefs.

Having a therapist who respects you is essential to effective therapy. All of the therapists at ICFT are trained to be respectful of culture, religion, sexual orientation and gender expression. Additionally, each therapist at ICFT is trained to incorporate your beliefs into your treatment as clinically appropriate.


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